Real Estate

Lease or Sale of Commercial Real Estate Space: Either because your company is growing, entering a new market, or needs less space we can help you address your strategic needs of space integrally. We focus on this core asset classes:

Office Space

  • Our experience and portfolio of traditional offices can let us secure the right option for you generally in class A+, A or B office buildings.
  • Our trusted allies can help you design and customize your office space in the best way. Let us know if you need to quote.
  • Thinking that a private space in a coworking may be more suitable? We can address this question, provide great insights, and coworking options. We work with Colombian leading Coworkings´ as well as international well know brands.


  • Getting started with your land: Our experts can help you understand the norm, site use, and project economics of a Land Lot (Multifamily, Commercial, Hospitality). 
  • Offering land to developers, builders, and investors. 


  • Looking for an income generating property? We have opportunities that suit your needs on Retail Outlets, Airbnb’s, Warehouses, Hotel.

Retail and Warehouses

  • We work this asset classes in conjunction with trusted partners. 


Representation Agreements

A Tenant Representation Agreement is an exclusive right to represent the customer with his real estate search during a concrete period of time. The benefit of this agreement is that the broker basically takes the search as if it was of its own, understanding that if customer needs are meet there will be an imminent commission.

Our process for Tenant Representation Agreement involves a consultancy approach in order to determine, firstly, if the search objectives are in accordance to the customer and to the broker. Our basic steps are as follows:

  1. Consulting: Understanding client strategic and financial objectives.
  2. Option Seeking: Search, Filter, Present
  3. Pros and Cons analysis
  4. Advising and Professional Accompaniment
  5. Closing

Office Space