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Our core value,

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International Brokers Colombia, led by Arcesio Perdomo, is a Colombian based real estate boutique brokerage firm offering transactional and investment estructuration services to corporations, individuals and investors.

Our services are supported with a long and trusted network of allies and partners to facilitate the due diligence process of acquisition and management of the properties.

Two Core Services

1. Commercial Property Leases and Sales

Generally to Corporations, mainly in Bogota. Focusing on Office, Retail, and Land. Additionally, providing access to top turnkey providers and furniture sellers on the office and retail side. On the land side, providing studies for norm, site use, and project economics, while connecting landlords with developers or project managers.

Featured Service

Commercial Real Estate

Lease or Sale of Commercial Real Estate Space: Either because your company is growing, entering a new market, or needs less space we can help you address your strategic needs of space integrally. We focus on this core asset classe

Office Space

We offer traditional office space options in class A+, A or B office buildings, along with assistance in design and customization, as well as recommendations for private coworking spaces.


Assisting with land use and economics, we offer land to developers, builders, and investors for multifamily, commercial, and hospitality projects.


Looking for an income generating property? We have opportunities that suit your needs on Retail Outlets, Airbnb’s, Warehouses, Hotel.


We have options for your brand, restaurant and business.

Two Core Services

2. Foreign and local investment advice and brokerage of apartments compatible with Airbnb.

Providing deal structuring and acquisition advise on the strategic, tactical and operational intricacies that can arise from the acquisition process of properties with income generating potential, mainly in Panama and Colombia (Ex. Airbnb Acquisition). Providing support and network relating legal, tax and the property management processes.

Investor transactions

Foreign Real Estate Investing: Panama

There are many reasons to invest in Panama, but probably two of the strongest reasons are: Strong currency assets (Dollars), and geographic diversification.

Our approach consists of providing options, Apartments, that satisfy your investment objectives, and if you don´t have them clear we will provide a consulting approach so as to follow a step by step process on your income generating property acquisition. 

Our property focus is based on providing a portfolio of short- and long-term rentals that can provide stable returns, along with local trusted legal, financial, and operational support.

Guided by our core values,

we prioritize transparency, accountability, rigor, integrity, respect, and diversity in every aspect of our work.








Arcesio Perdomo


Arcesio has been involved with real estate and commercial real estate for more than 10 years, in administrative, strategic and commercial roles. His passion for real estate was completely connected since he focused his MBA on real estate investing, alternative investments, and entrepreneurship on 2010 at Emory University, located in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Arcesio participated in several lease and sale transactions during his career as a junior broker and later as a senior broker with the Corporate Service Unit of RV Inmobiliaria SA.

Just the office lease transactions involved more than 24.0000 m2 (258.000 ft2) of leased spaced overall, with deals ranging from 200 m2 to 10.000 m2 with tenants in the following sectors: Government, Contact Centers, BPOs, Software, Mining, Healthcare, Fintech, Food industry, Oil and Gas, and Telecommunications.

On the Landlord side: HNWs, Real Estate Private Equity Funds, Family Funds, Construction Companies, among other companies and individuals that own real estate.

Works for the two core Services

Tenant Representation Agreement

A Tenant Representation Agreement is an exclusive right to represent the customer with his real estate search during a concrete period of time. The benefit of this agreement is that the broker basically takes the search as if it was of its own, understanding that if customer needs are meet there will be an imminent commission. 

Our process for Tenant Representation Agreement involves a consultancy approach in order to determine, firstly, if the search objectives are in accordance to the customer and to the broker. Our basic steps are as follows:

  1. Consulting: Understanding client strategic and financial objectives.
  2. Option Seeking: Search, Filter, Present
  3. Pros and Cons analysis
  4. Advising and Professional Accompaniment
  5. Closing